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The Carbone Boréal

Forêt modèle du Lac-Saint-Jean (FMLSJ) project

This project arises from a collaboration between Carbone Boréal and the FMLSJ to experiment different types of innovative forest management practices, in order to reforest insufficiently regenerated stands on the FMLSJ territory. Degraded or unproductive sites originate from regeneration failures, stand conversions or old and understocked harvested sites invaded by intolerant hardwood trees. Reforestation on these unproductive sites to reach full stocking is a means to maintain employment level in forest-dependent communities. The collaboration between these two organizations allows scientists and graduated students for studying growth potential and typology of these degraded sites, while offering the opportunity to offset greenhouse gas emissions by biological carbon sequestration. The greenhouse gas offset through this project is offered at a cost rate of 5$ per tree or 35.71$ per ton of CO¬¬2, and presents numerous advantages including the funding of the FMLSJ activities.

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