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The Climate PositiveTM concept, developed by the UQAC Chair on Eco-advising, deals with one of the great fundamental principles of sustainable development: intra- and inter-generational equity.

The Carbone boréal offset programme invites each and every contributor to be Climate PositiveTM by offsetting twice the emissions generated by the activity they wish to offset.

Indeed, the latest IPCC reports shows that even if significant headway is made in terms of limiting GHG emissions on a global scale, non-offset emissions could double pre-industrial concentrations by mid-century. By offsetting twice the measured GHG emissions, this state of affairs can be delayed, giving today’s needy and future generations room to manoeuvre as they try to adapt to climate change in terms of knowledge, infrastructures, and technologies. The idea is to unite the principle of accountability with that of precautionary measures.

Contributors who undertake the Climate PositiveTM option will receive special mention in the Carbone boréal registry and the mention will appears on the offset certificates