Donor registry

greenhouse gas offset program, through tree planting
Name of the organization or individual Registry # tCO2eq. compensated Number of trees planted Brief description of the compensated activity, product or service Compensation year Climate preventive status TM Plantation year Special project

Plantations description according to plantation year and project

Plantation year
Number of trees
Area (hectare)
2008Forestry10 35010,7450°35’34’’ N – 71°45’53’’O
2009Forestry29 99917,5750°38’43’’ N – 71°49’43’’O
2010Forestry108 80862,3950°13’15’’ N – 73°23’27’’O
2011Forestry71 67156,6048°40’09’’ N – 72°57’22’’O
48°36’25’’ N – 72°57’47’’O
48°34’08’’ N – 72°50’59’’O
2012Forestry77 50040,5650°23’16’’ N – 72°52’30’’O
50°17’06’’ N – 72°22’26’’O
2013Forestry138 11677,1750°30’21’’ N – 72°40’01’’O
50°25’15’’ N – 72°43’30’’O
2013Agricultural66 58036,07MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est
2014Forestry211 37997,6050°15’23’’ N – 72°03’38’’O
50°42’45’’ N – 72°40’26’’O
2016Forestry161 46270,4951°26’35’’ N – 71°31’26’’O
Agricultural63 04034,54MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est
2018Forestry154 55370,2248°26’28’’ N – 73°12’01’’O
2019Agricultural37 33127,71MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est
MRC Domaine du Roy
2020Agricultural73 88742,51MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est
MRC Domaine du Roy
MRC Maria Chapedelaine

Location of all Carbone boréal plantations