Agricultural plantations: 30 000$ in paybacks to the 2013 land owners

greenhouse gas offset program, through tree planting
March 21 2022

Carbone boréal gives back 30 000$ to the four original farms hosting agricultural plantations

Created in 2008, Carbone boréal intended to reforest areas of the boreal forest, use the plantations for research purposes and offer carbon offsets for the public. In 2013 a pilot project was launched on privately owned agricultural lands and the related offsets added to the bank of potential carbon sequestration. Today, all the trees were attributed to offsetters and the first four farms, i.e., A.L.Y. Blackburn, des Papinas, du Carrousel and Bernard Tremblay, received over 30 000$ as a pay back. 

So far our agricultural plantations comprise more than 300 000 trees on 30 some farms, which represents about 20% of the 1.5M Carbone boréal trees. New plantations are in the works for 2022, both in the forest and on agricultural land. 

Carbone boréal aims to reforest portions of agricultural wastelands impossible to cultivate, in collaboration with the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) and the Société sylvicole de Chambord. Offsets generated are available to the public at 5$ per tree or 35$ per ton of CO2 equivalent and entails a 1$ payback/tree to the land owner for safeguarding the plantations and giving researchers access.

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